I was resisting myself not post anything about cricket, but the recent Twenty20 matches have caught the frenzy of the spectators (not me), but the readers should not be deprived of the sports side of the city correct!.

Cricket, is played extensively here in India and the cricketers are worshipped. The cricketers are brand ambassodors of various products / services, they endorse quite a bit of social causes, in toto they are superstars in India.

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  1. Neat picture of a sport I do not understand at all, lots of people there to watch.

    RamN : Thanks for the visit & kind words. This is an unique sport played just by 10-12 countries across the world.

  2. I live a couple of kilometres from Bellerive Oval in Australia and never miss the chance to post a cricket picture myself when i can get to the game!

    RamN : One more cricket lover in Greg, even today there’s a match happening at Chepauk Stadium.


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