Concrete nests

With high raises on the increase in a city like Chennai, the natural habitats of various birds & animals seems to be vanishing very quickly.

This leads to having concrete nests for these pigeons in the window sills of various tall buildings. I have always thought / seen these earlier only in Mumbai till a couple of years back, but nowadays chennai also is moving in the same direction.

P.s. : hope you could see the pigeon in the picture on the other side of the window glass !

4 Comments to “Concrete nests”

  1. Have you noticed that we rarely get to see sparrows any more? I don’t remember seeing one for the last 6 years or so.

    One reason contributing to the sparrows’ decline is the rise of pigeons – being larger, they win the food fights, apparently.

    Nice to have them around, still.

  2. RamN

    Very Sad the way its going ……
    There’s an very good article in the Outlook (one of the May issues) about the sparrows reducing in numbers ……


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