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When do i study?

An young boy pushing the cart to sell the traditional north indian snack called “paani puri”, these children never get to read/ write or have a chance to be educated because of the poverty and need to earn at the young age.

Now quite a few NGOs have started the night schools for these kids to educate them and allow them to be part of the educated world.


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  1. Beautiful picture. Thank you for the information, as well. We take so many things for granted in our country–like access to education, fair labor laws, and child protection laws–it’s good to be reminded that isn’t the case everywhere. I’m glad to hear there are organizations who are fighting for and providing these rights to the power and disenfranchised.

    Ram : Thanks for the views and a long way to go before we get this abolished, but lets keep trying ….

  2. Great picture to depict India: fast motorcycle next to slow mobile cart, plus the rikshaw. What is NGO?

    Ram : A NGO is a Non-Government Organisation. Thanks Rachel for your comment.

  3. Interesting photo and your note about perspectives of some young people… . – Sometimes a little thing of one man can change whole world of the other!

    Ram : Thanks for the kind words Torun Observer…..


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