Inspite of being healthy, fit & ready for earning a living, i’m sad on seeing such people resorting to taking alms in the disguise of helplessness. My earlier post is still fresh in my memory on the enterprise certain people display to avoid resorting to taking alms/ begging on streets.

As a policy i don’t offer alms, and i’m getting into the habit of finding the right vehicle to help the under priviliged which rehabilitates them to teach them fishing and not buying them fish.

2 Comments to “Why?”

  1. Anu

    I simply love the photo. Great job and interesting and thought-provoking write-up.
    I’m for the same cause and do my little bit.
    I always give away fruits and biscuits to children begging at the traffic lights, and never money.
    If I feel they are hungry but the parent might take the biscuit packet and try to sell it back to some shop for little money, I tear open the biscuit packet before handing it to the kids.
    Nice blog.

    Ram : Thanks Anu for the compliments. Your idea seems to be a well thought of and replicatable, would try and see this handing over food which can’t be resold.

  2. Rachel

    A heartbreaking problem without an easy solution. I know of some ministries that are helping people in India establish a means for livelihood, such as fishing, as you mentioned. But it IS a huge task.

    Ram : Yes Rachel, but hopefully more primary education could be a catalyst for poverty eradication.


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