Is the chronicle weak?

Deccan Chronicle (DC), became the alternate morning newspaper to many Non-Chennai’ites a couple of years back for  The Hindu (TH). But now with the Times Of India (TOI), chennai edition launched and running, it makes me wonder who’s lost circulation. Most of my colleagues (read Non-Chennai’ites) staying at Chennai have switched from DC to TOI, some TH subscribers have started buying additionally TOI also.

Looks like currently DC is on a weak wicket.

The verdict is not out yet ……………..

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  1. First, my apologies for a bit of cut and paste commenting. I have been doing the rounds via Bloglines and looking at all the pictures from my favourite photo blogs, but haven’t been leaving comments. Generally, I try to comment as much as I can (I know how good it is for ‘morale’ to know that someone is out there appreciating them), but after the birth of my second son, I am a bit knackered to think up something witty and insightful on the hop. Thus the resort to Control+C and Control+P!


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