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Clean my livelihood

A Scene of a dhobi washing clothes in Adyaru (the river which is now become almost a sewer), couple of things crossing my mind.

a) The water is not proper for cleaning anything, but still they are forced to wash their/ others clothes here.

b) The livelihood for these BPL (fancy terminology by the govt. for Below Poverty Line) families depends on trying to meet ends for even one square meal for all in their family, everyday.

c) Personal hygiene takes a toll

d) Kids are doing household chores, while they should be in school.

But the work undertaken by certain NGO’s to create night schools for these kids & impress the elders on personal hygiene etc. should be done in a mass scale and by every one of us.

5 Comments to “Clean my livelihood”

  1. PJ

    Night schools? I haven’t heard of that. I hope they’re taking off, and providing some nourishment as well.
    Just when I start to think I have serious problems…

    Ram: Mostly the local churches, NGOs have these night schools for the working children, ensuring the continuity in basic education. Nourishments, i’ve not heard of from these schools, but from the Govt. schools yes. Thanks PJ for the comments

  2. Janine

    Hello. I am Janine from Germany and currently studying visual journalism at Brooks Institute in Ventura, Ca.
    We will be doing documentary and travel work in Chennai in November. One of the stories I am eager to follow is waste and life around landfills.
    Thanks for your picture. Do you have information about organizations trying to clean and help?

    Ram: Hi Janine, will try and get some more data about such organisations and pass it to your email soon. Welcome to Chennai.


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