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One more service / product which is going to become extinct in the city of Chennai is these Cycle Rickshaws. This pedaled rickshaw can carry up to three people and mostly used for the “to-close-for-bus-but-too-distant-for-walk” distances and are economical options Vs Auto richshaws.

But only a few are seen closer to the Tank in Mylapore, in Triplicane or in Parry’s corner areas.

Soon to be seen only in some transport museums.

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  1. Eki

    It’s a pitty that something that has long served the community would soon be found only at a museum. Time really has its own demands when it comes to modernity.

    Our own ricksaw (here called “becak”) are still very much alive, but is increasingly considered to be a nuisance to the busy traffic. Probably it will also soon become extinct.


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