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Coffee or Kaapi

The debate normally is there about the Coffee Vs South Indian Coffee (aka Kaapi), like the earlier Coffee or Toffee commercial. In South Indian Coffee’s too there are sub-variants like Brahmin’s coffee, the others et al.

Coffee Shops, erstwhile, is where you get coffee powders with terminologies like Chicory, peebory etc., which used to confuse me always as a youngster doing shopping errands for my mom.  Nowadays Coffee shops err … Coffee Pubs have taken a different avatar and are sought after by young and young adults, unlike those years.

P.s. : Incidentally the 1st Coffee Pub of Chennai – Coffee? is going to be back again at a new place, soon, i heard.

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  1. I love how you did this photo! Don’t you just love old storefronts? My favorite coffee is made by my husband…he used to be a barista, so I am very spoiled with a combo of rocket java and hazelnut beans to make my morning mocha!


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