Books, theme day

The Display Area (!?) in a neighbourhood Books, Periodicals & magazine stall (aka Petti kadai), which sells not only the Periodicals, Books & Magazines, but also short snacks, water (yes we’re from Chennai & we buy water), Banana etc.

What you see is the advert’s of these weekly / Monthly magazines on display at this shop.

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2 Comments to “Books, theme day”

  1. A colourful and inviting place. I’d want to enter and browse.

    Ram: Ha haa …. They’d be Glad Jilly. But these shops might not have the space to enter & browse, you could only see them or buy them.

  2. Nice post for this theme day.

    I forgot about theme day today so I just found some of the books I wrote and took a photo and published that. Too late to be included in the group but it worked for me. LOL

    Ram: Not too late Abraham …. 🙂


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