Clutter, an understatement


Just because you get a free signboard for your office, you don’t ask for 10 more and fill up the common space and confuse your client / prospective client. Looks like i should a run a contest to count the number of signages in this commercial building and the winner gets a FREE trip to Moon via Western Union.

These i’d call as Urban Diarrhoea ….

6 Comments to “Clutter, an understatement”

  1. Make mine a free trip to India and I will begin counting…

    Funny photo today, but I found the signage everywhere in Chennai to be part of it’s charm!

    Ram: Thats a deal Sherry, but your trip to India is via Western Union….. πŸ˜‰

  2. solai

    better than ur moon trip i liked ur urban diarrohoea better…shall better take a passport fast…wonder they wuld give visas to moon faster?

    Ram: Thanks Senior …. be ready for your next trek …


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