Banking on Humans


Competing the wave of MNC Banks & Indian Private Banks, a major PSU Bank has resorted to its strength (is it!) on servicing through their staff and not through their PhoneBanking, NetBanking etc.

At their T Nagar Branch entry.

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  1. The human contact part is the only good thing about PSU banks and that kicks in if you are a regular visitor to the branch. The vetti pecchu that the staff usually indulges is what helps build a rapport with them. But if you are not one of them, you better become one before they make you run around for the simplest of things .

    Ram: Yes, the Friendly banter/ chat helps in customer service. Also i was intrigued by the 24 Hours Human Banking, should check if they are available round the clock 😉

  2. Now, see, that is a great idea! I can’t tell you how often I just wish to speak to a real live human on the phone or when I am doing some other task where everything has become automated. There is no substitute for a real human! 🙂

    Ram: Yes Sherry, thats really an incentive and the human touch is better many a times.


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