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Political Festivities


With growing numbers in the political parties across the state & country, the city bears the brunt of their leaders visits, leaders birthday bashes & their supposely Mega Meetings.

Here you see the Banners, Flags and more such festoons of various parties placed strategically (that way no one in the city is unaffected) at the road corners, pedestrian walkways, medians and many public places so that the pain and distraction to all walks of life is equally ensured.

3 Comments to “Political Festivities”

  1. One reason for corruption is the expenses made on such publicity. If you notice these are erected by smaller leaders of the respective parties hoping to get a good name with the party high command. And why should they spend this money?

    They hope that the party high command will recognise them. What happens when they get a recognition? May be power and with that ability to milk money from the system!

    Atrocious. Even those political party leaders who are vocal about corruption in politics abet these things. That shows that there are only two colors in politics. One is the corrupt black color of the p0liticians and the other is the simple white color of the common man. The grey is only in our hair.

    Ram: Also these small leaders of these parties go to their neighbourhood shops / houses & get the monies for these festivities and that too is the starting point of corruption at the local area and goes on like u say.

  2. If there was no corruption, then there would be no banners. If there was no large scale demand for banners, then there would be no jobs for those print shops, meaning no demand for those imported printing machines. Idu ellaam merku naattu sadhi

    Ram: Or should we say, our neighbour has planned these plots to derail us !!

  3. CurdRiceAurora,

    I disagree with you. If there was no corruption, the politicians will be forced to do real good work for the people to get votes (instead of these publicity stunts) and that would have got much more jobs and a much better life at much cheaper cost for all of us including the painters and printing shops.

    R Sathyamurthy

    Ram: Hmm …. what do u say Rahul?


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