Can you spot what this mini van carrying?

Yes the junked PCs, Monitors. Probably the 386’s, 486’s, P1’s et al. That makes one wonder how they dispose the eWaste’s from these junked electronic goods, and more critically how they do it without harming the nature, environment.

Or do these get ripped apart and sold partwise (salavagable one’s atleast) and the rest just given to the old newspaper collector to make money and gets spoilt on the burning yards to make that locality suffer !!!

One wonders.

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  1. Good post showing concern over environment. Add to this the other waste like mobile phones. My heart burns when people discard perfectly working things just because the technology advancement made something outdated. It is the eWorld equivalent of aging human beings.

    Is it because of this discard mindset that we see more and more old people living a lonely life away from children? Is it because of this mindset that there are more old age homes and more people getting in there?

    I once saw in New York a truck load full of computers and monitors. When I enquired with the driver, he said some company was replacing all its computers and so these have become junk.

    There is a money aspect to it too. Old 486s and 386s or even Pentium 4s are either not taken by the vendors (even on exchange) or they price it something like Rs.100 or Rs.200 for exchange. You will feel as though you are being favored if they agree to take it in the first place. Amazing.

    However ridiculous I may look, I feel it is better for the world if technology evolved slower.

    Ram: I seem to agree with you on this “However ridiculous I may look, I feel it is better for the world if technology evolved slower”

  2. Ram,

    Were you saying that you seem to “only” agree with that last sentence or you seem to “more” agree with that last sentence?

    In your answer lies my understanding if you agreed to rest of my comment.


    Ram: “More” 😀


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