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Yes 4 years ago same day, same time Chennai and the coastal TamilNadu was under siege by the mother nature. Tsunami hit the coasts and we lost many lives. Hope the relief promised to many would have reached by now, and many would have gone about their work and their livelihood.

The marking, found at the Marina near the MGR memorial, denoting the water levels on that particular day stands still with someone whitewashing it. But the memories can’t be whitewashed.

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  1. One thing that Tsunami did besides all the devastation was the awareness about such big calamities and the power of nature. That word, unknown to a large number of people till then became almost a generic term from then on.

    I was not in India/ Chennai at that time and no one estimated the magnitude of the devastation when Tsunami first struck. I remember seeing Hindu online on that day which was a working day for us in Gulf and Hindu had reported about 20 or so killed by the fury of the sea.

    Ram: It’d have been tough then, sitting somewhere else and wanting to know the situation back home.

  2. I remember being there a few months afterward and listening to our driver talking about what had been lost to the sea. It was so very sad. When we walked on the beach in Mamallapuram, I found part of a decoration buried under the sand and a fisherman on the beach looked very sad when he told me the building that had that decoration was gone now. I don’t know that that is true, but I still have the decoration.


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