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The total surrender to the almighty is something very lovely and unique to many parts of the subcontinent. Even their ways to seek the gods blessing is very different from each city, state, caste, religion, district across. Some are loud & vociferous, some are quiet and restrained, some are believers of nature and not form, some are on the other side of the coin and many such beliefs. (someone said even a non-believer is a believer of the opposite)

One such scene of prayers seen at the Karaneeswarar temple, Saidapet.

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  1. Salam Alaykum (may peace be upon you),
    Surrendering ones self to God, is something that i can not yet put into words, and it was a beautiful thing for you to share such a photo with us.
    Thank You

    Ram: Thanks

  2. Belief is in God has increased manifold in the past decade or so. When I was in my teens, we used to go to Sri Parthasarathy Temple in Triplicane on English New Year day for taking the blessings of the God for a peaceful year ahead.

    On such special days, the devotees crowd used to be larger than normal days. The queue used to spill over to the South Mada Veethi but not more.

    About two years back I was there during new year and the crowd was unbelievably large and they had even put barricades at the Besant Road side (Ice House bus terminus side) to control the crowds.

    You have rightly put about the varied ways the believers express their devotion. The Chinese and Thais pray to the God with a bunch of incense sticks in their hand and offer black tea and even alcohol to the God Almighty.

    Whether or not there exists God, surely one gets more comfort in thinking that there is one, rather than praying to the politicians to do good for us 🙂

    I remember the concluding dialogue in the movie Dasavatharam “Naan Kadavul Illennu sollala, Kadavul irundha nalla irukkumnnu sonnen”.

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    P.S.2: Thanks for the link to . That is the best blog on fun and humor I have seen recently.

    P.S.3: Someone wrote to me about Safire Theatre complex asking if I have a old photo of the same. It might be a good idea for you to post one photo of Safire of old and today.

    Ram: 🙂 , 1) will change the domain name accordingly in the Blog roll Sathya, i’ve also registered the domain and not acted upon moving all my Blogosphere work there yet.2) Yes Jammy’s is fun. 3) I’ve the photo of the piece of land where Safire was and will dig in and see if i could lay my hands on the older Safire premise.

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    Happy last day of 2008 (what an eventful year). One good thing of the year 2008 is that I moved to WordPress and quickly made my own blog. There are many other good tidings, one of which is reaching your blog and eagerly waiting to see what you post 😉

    Ram: I’m fearing exactly the same and been postponing that project of transfer yet to my own site, but its inevitable. Jammy is a web / blog contact and not met him yet …… and all the best and good wishes to you and your family this new year ….. and i sincerely presume that your waiting to see my post is a compliment 😀


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