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A fresh date

fresh painting

Though the support seems to be weak from the previous year and the new year seems to be hanging precariously, but the intention to start fresh is there and looking for new and exciting times to come.

A painter of a commercial complex seen here at Perambur Barracks Road.

Have a happier, Healthier New Year in 2009.

3 Comments to “A fresh date”

  1. I have vertigo. I don’t have to climb heights to get that. Simply seeing this photo I get that uneazy feeling in my spine and my legs tremble.

    Even when I see people working at high(!) places I get this feeling, people working on cranes, cleaning glass exteriors of buildings, painters like the one you have captured. All give me same uneazy feel.

    This guy probably has a family to support. He doesn’t have any protective gear for him and he is not tied to to a rope as well. God, if he slips?

    Precarious work environment for him. May God bless him a accident free year ahead.

    Ram: The workplace safety is well disregarded mostly across here Sathya, so we just can pray for his safety.


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