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the connecting dots and bumps

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Today’s the Braille Day, the birth date of Louis Braille the inventor of Braille system. The request among the visually challenged is to get most of the main stream books moved into the Braille system to be useful for them.

But people like us should atleast strive to make our work places free flowing for the visually challenged and making their access easier and more importantly predictable.

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  1. I agree with you that we have to be helpful.

    About 23 years back, I was in Rotaract club of Madras Central and we had undertaken a project to visit a school for visually challenged in Adyar to help the students there in their studies.

    Taking lessons, recording the lessons in tape were part of our project.

    It was an amazing experience for us. One of the students came to me to record a lesson for him in a cassette. And he told me to record in the B side of the cassette. He told me he has some other lesson in the A side.

    I got curious and asked him how he find A and B sides of a tape. (People who can see things, can see the lable and find out A & B sides)

    He replied to me that there are five screws on one side of cassette tape and that is the A side. I was amazed. I went and checked tapes with me and it was like that. A small detail which we all do not notice but which is essential for them.

    Ram: Brilliant eye opener Sathya, such an eye for detail these guys have for things we take it granted.


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