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subway underpass

Ha haa hope you didn’t think about the famed sandwich shops, these are the Underpasses below the railway tracks or the pedestrian ones in the main roads.

Chennai has quite a few especially connecting the suburbs which are across the Chennai – Chengelpet railway track and needs a few more on the Chennai – Thiruvallur or Chennai – Ennore direction.

The neighbouring Bangalore / Bengalooru is planning to patent their new technology to construct underpasses in main arterial roads for pedestrians. I hope we follow the idea of mooting more pedestrian subways here in Chennai too.

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  1. These become nice swimming pools during rainy season in Chennai.

    I have seen boys jumping from the subway walls into the stagnant water inside subways, especially the one after St. George Fort, just near the Paris Corner.


    Ram: A pastime for them i guess 🙂


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