Mylai Karpagambal mess


Lip smacking, yummy, delicious are some the adjectives that could be used for this eatery. Simple tables, a small cubbyhole area demarked for A/c diners land a larger area for Non – A/c plus amazing food is the concoction of this success formula.

I was told that the legend is top industrialists, executives stop their vehicles outside, roll their shirts sleeves and found eating here.

Its almost opp to the Kapaleeswarar temple / Rasi.

My 2 cents here.

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  1. The place is dirty,non Tamil reading persons are at a disadvantage since the menu board is only in Tamil,the accent of the waiters is non cosmopolitan , the quality of eats is far from satisfactory and finally the eats are cold ! So much for Karpagambal Food.Good luck to the die hards .I for one will stay away from the road where this mess messes around.


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