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Devvarman Senior

Devvarman Senior

Like the TOI said, the humility of the new rising star Somdev Devvarman, the finalist of the Chennai Open is refreshing. Its clear to see where he gets this from. His parents could not be spotted in the VIP seating areas, but in the general seating area, among the public.

Here his parent seen engaging himself in an conversation with locals, after his son lost the finals.

Tomorrows picture is his mom.

(as i’d be travelling till 22nd, i’ll be attempting to post the pictures daily and revert to your comments as sson as possible, pls bear with me if there’s a daily this week)

3 Comments to “Devvarman Senior”

  1. Sri

    This is infact Somdev’s/Buji’s dad! So exciting to see him after many many years of being their neighbor!

    Ram : Thanks for the comment & dropping by, Sri. Where were you guys neighbours earlier?


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