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Kili Josiyam

Kili Josiyam (c)
Kili Josiyam (c)

Like Palm reading, Sozhi Josiyam, Naadi Josiyam et al Kili Josiyam (aka Parrot predictions of your future) is a very famous profession in this side of the country.

Seen quite a few stopping by and learning whats in store for their future by a bird and its mahout(ha haa … is it the right usage, one wonders!!).

Will post soon the same scenario, shot in the night.

7 Comments to “Kili Josiyam”

  1. Its fun to argue with this guy about his validity and then ask him to ask the parrot to pick a card for you. The parrot will either not come out or come out, not pick a card and then go back in for which he would then say, “You hurt the parrot’s feelings and it would not take a card for someone who does not believe in this science”. You can repeat experiment with any Kili Josiyam expert to get the same result. Experience : Years of doing nothing else but this at Necklace Road, Hyd. 😛

    Ram: Ha haa …. nice method in madness i guess …. i also have noticed them signaling the Parrot using their toes …


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