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Vandalur (c)
Vandalur (c)

In a few cases “What’s preached is practised” is prevelant …. Vandalur Zoo is one such example, where they don’t allow vehicles with emission and only battery operated buggies , electric vans & bicycles are allowed, apart from walking.

Could many such public places start following such procedures, and not just seeing them as profitable enterprise!!

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  1. Ronen

    Madras Christian College at Tambaram used to be another place where cycling and walking were the only permitted means of travel within the campus, beyond a certain point. Wonder if it is still the same now….

    Sadly, there is a shortage of large open air places in namma Chennai….Would be keen to know if there are any, apart from Vandalur Zoo and Marina Beach.

    Ram: Yes Ronen many areas dont have spaces for bicycles. Some more locations which are biker friendly are IIT, Anna University Campuses, Old Cart track road and nearby localities in Guindy / Race Course. Can’t think of more.


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