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  1. In our school, The Hindu Higher Secondary School, Triplicane, Chennai 600 005, we had a one hour period every week called Craft (Don’t know ifit is still there).

    The school was having about 10 hand looms. During the craft period, we were taught to:

    a) Use Raattai
    b) Use the handlooms

    We were making cotton towels, blankets and veshties!

    You might probably want to visit Hindu Higher Secondary School and take a photo of this great institution that is more than 150 years old and was an integral part of the freedom struggle! You can also catch a photo of the Craft room.

    Ram: Yes i also recall a similar activity at my school too (M Ct M) …. also i should be visiting Hindu school and surrounding Triplicane areas for such lovely heritage buildings.

  2. Spacey

    Back in the pre-industrial days, the silks (and all the handloom products) were priced not just because of the fabric but also because of the immense effort required to weave them. They were considered art back then. Nowadays one is made to pay through ones nose to buy just machine made products. Even the likes of Kaanjeevaram brands have made this move I guess. Quality of the fabrics might be the same, but there is a clear loss of value here.

    Ram : I completely concur with you Spacey


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