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  1. Interesting angle…it almost looks like it is huge – about two stories high.

    Is this boiler for commercial purposes? It does seem large for a single family…

    Ram: Yeah, the perspective is too close hence the height. Yes the boiler is for small tea shops (omni present) at many cities across here and a popular hangout at a low cost.

  2. Boilers are now found only in Tea Shops, that’s right.

    But in the olden days when geysers were not so much in the vogue, boilers were household items for making boiled water for bathing.

    We had one in our house. There is a cylindrical pipe in the middle through which balls made of cow dung and coal is put to heat the water around that pipe.

    Ram: For the “Hows” of operating a boiler Guide … refer up

  3. Abdul Kadher

    Hi Ram,
    The comment “Hot water is the main ingredient of tea” is common in TN. Compare here in Kuala Lumpur, less water and more milk, cause danger to health. Tea shop keepers in TN is caring about our health, that’s why main ingredient is water.

    Br\\Abdul Kadher

    Ram: Whatte discovery …

    1. Now a Days in most of the of the tea shops boilers are missing, but if you travel to some interior villages you can still find it more.. 🙂

      Milk that we are getting in pockets are some what equal to water only.. 😉 So less water more milk equals the same as in TN

      Ram: Mudiyala ….


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