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Reading the newspapers in the morning (or even later) is a ritual for many. Some read the paper completely and inch by inch (including the obituary), some glance the main sections and read some interested sections, some just read for a purpose or at a specific act.

Here you could see an Autorickshaw driver reading a tamil newspaper while waiting for the next passenger to hire him.

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  1. I think people here read newspapers the same way. Although less and less. A number of papers are going bankrupt and out of business.

    Ram: Thankfully not many national players have closed down here … or rather not many regional players too …. the habit continues here ….. probably because of the internet penetrations and speed are also a question here

  2. Newspaper reading is a habit that will not easily die. The convenience of being able to carry anywhere cannot be replaced by the Internet medium.

    Ram: I sincerely hope that the net doesnt kill the paper.


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