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Snack Stall (c)
Snack Stall (c)

The Human indulgence on snacks and food items which are tasty but not to be consumed on a regular basis is always on a high. We always feel they are the most tastiest, if the doctor says its not healthy.

Leaving those inhuman thoughts aside, the paani puris, pav bhaajis and many are in vogue as an evening snack and sometimes even as a dinner/lunch.

Scene at the Marina Beach.

3 Comments to “Yummy”

  1. Ram,

    You left out the Milagai Bajjis.

    Somehow, it is more tasty when it is cooked in the open! Have you noticed that? (thats why these beacheteries (new word) and roadside mobile tiffinaries (one more!) are popular and the food is mouth watering.

    Ram: Yes the Bajji’s, Bhel Puri’s ….. yummmmmmm


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