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Indi Mall (c)
Indi Mall (c)

The city and its suburbs are in need for more local malls / shopping areas, rather than just drive to Spencers or Citi Centre. (I dont consider Abirami Mega Mall as a Mall, yet).
But this one, Indi Mall, is more of a single shopping idea in many floors Vs multiple shopping experience in a Mall. Will have to wait and see the public’s reactions for this mall in the coming summer an thereby the verdict of Success/Failure for the Mall.

5 Comments to “Mall-o-mania”

  1. VG

    They have everything. Men’s, ladies and kids apparels both western and ethnic, toys, electronics, furnitures and home decors, accessories, shoe mart, sit-out coffee shop, super market and there is a food court coming with 3 fine dine restraunts and other famous brands!

    1. aditya

      i went to eat there, the food is horrible in the food court. the mall looks like it is made up of cheap chinese goods that have been overpriced. i think that the chennai consumer is a little too smart to spend their hard earned money in such a run down looking place.

      Ram: Thanks Aditya for visiting this blog and commenting. Also thanks for your updates about the mall, for sure we’ll not step in …..

  2. Guess, its running in huge loss 🙁 i feel so worried abt the effort they have made to create such a wonderful ambiance with glass floor in 1st floor. The reason behind their failure should be, The area they have choose to place such a huge mall is not the proper one, i feel mall reachability among ppl is very poor and some apparels, things they have chosen to sell is bit Hi-Fi. So sad of them.


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