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110 m Hurdles

Jumping Jacks (c)
Jumping Jacks (c)

Many have the thrills to break the law in smaller ways i guess. When there is a subway to cross the road or a over bridge to walkup, these lads use the quicker and dangerous ways to cross. Its fun for these boys but worrysome for the vehicle riders & their parents.

Scene opposite Anna Memorial, Beach Road.

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  1. When the pedestrian crossing or over bridges are not very conveniently located, people will do this.

    Ram: But in this case the subway was just a stones throw and these are young lads who don’t have any challenges to move.

  2. T.P. Anand

    I used to work in OMR for one year and there are accidents every day because of these reckless people who cross the road.

    Thirudnai paarthu thirunda vittal thiruttai ozhikka mudiyathu.

    Unless people change their attitude and approach to life things will not change.

    Ram: Yes Anand, educating them continuously and persistently is a must i guess.


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