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Weaving life

Silk saree (c)
Silk saree (c)

Handloom weavers are almost extinct and more so these weavers meeting potential buyers at homes on requests. Powerloom has eaten away the shine for many weavers in Kanchipuram.
In my childhood many times these weavers would visit the homes in Chennai and many ladies come together on pre-appointed times to check out the Silk sarees and choose from the offer.

One such scene in my home, but nowadays not so frequently. (or almost close to Nil)

4 Comments to “Weaving life”

  1. Lets go to the end result Ram.

    The design appears more suitable for older women.

    1. If it was your wife who called the weaver, I am sure it is not for your Amma.

    2. If the weaver had come home by practice, then it might be you buying it for Amma (and how did you manage the fight with wife after that?)

    3. How much has it stung your purse? (even if rare!)

    Ram: I’m lucky in this case. This was for my aunt and the seller visited on request on the particular day to show his wares to my aunt who was travelling.

  2. Cheryl Freeman

    that red carpet is so beautyful i would love him to make me one lol

    Ram: Cheryl … these are not carpets, these are Sarees which women in this part of the world drape around them ….you shud still buy one and wear them 🙂


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