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The art of cross selling

Communications (c)
Communications (c)

Coupled with some facts like the Indian Private Sector Banks being successful when it comes to sell other products to their banking customers and the revenue income in distributing such products adds a significant impact on the Banks bottomline, many Nationalised banks have started selling quite a few Income based products through their existing branches and rebranding themselves to give a new look / image to themselves.

A few products like Life Insurance, General Insurance, Gold, Mutual Funds etc and their own Car Loans, Vehicle Loans, Depository products are offered in such a basket.

Seen here is a few (cluttered) communication of these products at SBH & Indian Bank.

3 Comments to “The art of cross selling”

  1. ravindran

    There is healthy competition amongst the banks. As long as they do not go overboard in lending it is fine.

    Ram: Some did and are/have closed down too …


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