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Summer special

Summer Coolers
Summer Coolers

To beat the heat in Chennai there are many ways (is it?), one heads to the Marina Beach in the evenings to catch a good breeze, one drinks tender coconut, or have an ice cream or have some fresh juice or butter milk or the melons.
But whatever you do, the thirsty feeling creeps again in about an hour or two. So keeping one afloat are these fluids and its very critical to have them continuously.
Here’s a sign saying the shop sells “Aachi” Buttermilk, “Amudham” Fruit Juice & Apple Juice. (Is apple not a fruit?)

2 Comments to “Summer special”

  1. Ram,

    I think for quenching thirst “butter milk”, “Fruit Juice” and “Apple (ha ha) Juice” are fine.

    But to keep oneself “afloat”? I think people head to TASMAC for that… especially the heat is increased by the general elections!

    Ram : You triggered this for Anand i guess … 🙂

  2. T.P. Anand

    TASMAC is the greatest disappointment of all times for a regular customer. You will get to buy only what they have. They never stock what you want…. I expereienced it a few times and heard from several others the same experience.

    Nothing to beat Aachi Buttermilk. Very tasty.

    Ram: Its a show stopper (TASMAC), even Delhi, Kerala the liqour is regulated and sold by govt outlets, but they are clean + multi branded unlike TASMAC.


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