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Knot ya Stitches

Carpets (c)
Carpets (c)

This Armenian word for Knots or Stitches also known as Carpets / Rugs is a mandatory in cold climates. But in Chennai its mostly used at Bungalows, High End apartments and that too at their Drawing rooms/ Halls or covering some Marble floors.
Many buy from these mobile carpet vendors because of economical reasons, and due to popular belief that the carpets at shops are costlier.

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  1. When I see carpets, I am reminded of child labor and Kashmir.

    In India, best carpets are made in Kashmir and Badohi (Mirzapur).

    I am also reminded of a story in Jeffrey Archer collection – A twist in the tale – “The Steal” which is about a couple who travel to a new destination every year and try to get the best bargain as a memento. The main plot of this story is the couple trying to make a steal buying an attractive carpet for a bargain price in Turkey. (The twist is at the end of that tale which I do not want to reveal. Else it will be a steal from Archer!)

    Ram: I remember the Archer Story very well .. thanks for reminding ….

  2. T.P. Anand

    These mobile carpet vendors cheat you. I bought once for Rs.3,000/- and in three months i had to throw the carpet. One has to be very careful in buying these carpets.

    Ram: The “buying carefully” goes for any sale of an uNbranded item, ANand. Do you Agree?


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