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Sithanathan Palani Parimala Vilas
Sithanathan Palani Parimala Vilas

Vibhuti aka the Holy ash for the Hindu’s in this part of India is very sacred. The most famous supplier of these Vibhuthi is Palani Parimala Vilas Sithanathan & Co. They’re very famous for their fragrant Vibhuthi’s along with the Panchamirtham. The same is available at Purasawalkam High Road near Thana Street. (it’s 89 years old now)

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  1. Namaskara! You have interesting photos and mostly of things I could never see in my city of Eagan. Looking at your photos transports me back to Bangalore to my trip there in February. Dhanyavadagalu!

    Ram: Vankkam Leif, i’m glad you’re enjoying and reliving your India Visit thru this …. enjoy more 🙂

  2. Once again the Blue Color board with white letters!

    Palani Panchamirtham has that special taste like the Tirupathi Laddu!

    Ram: Yes … Bang on abt the Blue board Sathya. Hmmm the tasty prasadhams ….


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