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Most precious

Watercan Van
Watercan Van

The Cans
The Cans

… currently in the city of Chennai is Drinking Water and its distribution. Many households survive on such cans and live out of these.

Btw, for the uninitiated, Chennai perennially faces water shortage and water is the most scarce thing especially the summers in the city. But somehow i couldn’t spot many water tanker lorries this year ruining the roads and killing a few on the way.

3 Comments to “Most precious”

  1. Yeah water is scarce everywhere.. we can expect more water scarcity in the coming years, unless we seriously do something about it…. our leaders dont realise the problem of water scarcity, cos they have enough….

    Ram: Hmmm … one thing we should all immediately do, if not done, is to do water harvesting at home.

  2. T.P. Anand

    You should see the water bottles in Dubai. They are so clean and look new. In India somehow you dont feel like drinking the water when you look at these shapeless ugly bottles.

    Ram: Not just these unknown brands … even the Aqua Fina’s & Kinleys treat their bottles like these only….

  3. World over both Air and Water are no more free.

    Air is populated by the Mobile Phone companies and drinking water sold.

    In the Gulf, water is more expensive than petrol. Initially (before I came to Gulf) I thought it is some kind of exaggeration. It is not. In Kuwait, we pay 60 fils (approx. Rs.10) per liter of petrol while we buy water paying 100 fils a liter (approx. Rs.17).

    In the earlier days when something is very easy we used to remark “adhu thanni patta paadu”. This remark these days is more ideal for something very difficult.

    (Ram, once again you have proved you are a DMK man by not writing about New Veeranam).

    Ram: The Pro- Amma man keeps noticing these fast ….


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