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Commoners of Chennai – week 1


Preparing to feature the commoners of Chennai as a series probably once a week in this DPC.
First of the series is Mukesh, the Hand Mehandi Artiste. He could be seen near Thana Street / Blackers street and he draws various mehandi patterns in the ladies / girls hands for occasions.

9 Comments to “Commoners of Chennai – week 1”

  1. This is an interesting subject. I wish you would photograph some examples of the designs he does on ladies/girls hands. I had mine done once while in Dubai, but I heard the patterns in India are much more elaborate and fine.

    Ram: Will surely get some more pics on the Mehandi patterns made on hand ….

  2. T.P. Anand

    You can see a lot of them on the platform along the Panagal Park (Opposite to Nalli) and they are all busy with girls and ladies waiting to get the Mehandi done on their hands.

    Ram: Seems to be experienced at waiting ……


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