Fish o Fish

Fish Dish
Fish Dish

Like the Mutton, Chicken … many prefer the fish as their Sunday feast. Fish sales, though, is spread out across the city of Chennai in all neighbourhoods, the foodie prefers to visit the Triplicane, Marina, Royapuram, Vannanthurai as their preferred destinations. This is due to their proximity to the sea’s and the availability of fresh catch.

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  1. This looks like fresh fish. I just cooked some cod for dinner, but I don’t know where it came from (apart from the grocery store!). My daughter’s mother in law (who is from Kerala) makes a good fish curry, or is it shrimp curry? anyway it is very good. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Ram: Keralites make a good Fish curry & Prawn curry too ….

  2. Ronen

    Hello Ram,

    I am sure you are not surprised to see me on this post:)

    One crib that I have is that seafood is exorbitantly expensive in Chennai, in spite of the fact that we are right next to the sea. Surprisingly, most of the fish that comes in to Chennai are actually caught off the Andhra Coast, closer to Vizag, Nellore and Kakinada.

    Kasimedu is another place where one can get really fresh fish, but it’s a real adventure buying fish there because 1) one has to be there by 4.00 AM or so when the trawlers come in and 2) striking the right price with the fisherfolk at extremely high decibel levels!

    Keep them coming!


    Ram: From the expert …. who else than you ….

  3. Not for me, especially…but fish is good for you. Right? There appears to be a variety of fish available. What are some favorite kinds?

    Ram: Fish is good for one’s health …. the popular ones are these “Nethilis”, “Vanjiram”, “Shark”


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