Sarak Konrai

Indian Laburnum
Indian Laburnum

The Indian Laburnum, also known as the Cassia Fistula botanically is from the same origin of the English Laburnum. The flower in the better parts of March till May every year.

It is perceived amongst the loveliest flowering trees of India. In each season when it flowers, it becomes “rich in streaming gold”. The baggy flower clusters of the tree are very long.

Its a visual treat to have them in your garden.

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  1. tog

    We call it Golden Shower and they are just starting to bloom. I will be upload a picture on my blog when I see one fully open. Last year I posted one on Tuesday, June 17, 2008. They are very popular in Coral Gables.

    Ram: Lovely ones in Coral Gables,Tog.


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