Tow Vehicle
Tow Vehicle

Most of the Tow vehicles in Chennai are the part of the Police (or in their Duty) only. Which are normally used to tow away the vehicles from No-Parking zones across the city. Predominantly this happens towards the month-ends & month startings, for obvious reasons.

Not many such vehicles ply for the Paid duties for the public to use their services to move their vehicles / or use them as a garage owner to move your clients vehicles.

4 Comments to “Rusting”

  1. T.P.Anand

    I hope this vehicle was not picked up from No-Parking Zone. If it was, then this picture will become an illustrative example of how quickly the government authorities take action in India.

    Ram: 😀 … You can really think out of the box, Anand

  2. Many years back when I was in New Delhi, one of my neighbors bought an Ambassador Car for Rs.5000 and left it parked outside the house.

    Reason? The RC Book showing ownership of the car was more valuable than the car as that entitled him to get a monthly allowance (as owner of a car) from his Company Triveni Engineering.


    Ram : When u said Delhi, the rest is predictable


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