An unusual sight

Massey Ferguson?
Massey Ferguson?

Tractors are not part of the daily visuals of the city of Chennai. So obviously i was keen to click a snap of this one and ensure all of you also saw it as a part of the Chennai scenes.

Ok ok, obviously this was at Tirisulam Hills and the probability of a farm land nearby is high and one feels happy to presume that too.

3 Comments to “An unusual sight”

  1. yea.. me too 🙂 was surprised to observe that tractors are used at airports to carry the portable staircases that are fitted on the planes..

    Ram: This could be then one of those too !!! but i recall these had a lot of dried soil seen post farming …. in their tyres

  2. Visualise Chennai Traffic. It is not a bad idea to use tractors for regular commuting. In any case the traffic moves only at tractor speed in Chennai. The only place the vehicles run really fast are the lanes of Triplicane and Mylapore where you can see youth ride bike at breathtaking speeds.

    Ram: probably as School Vans (hmm School Tractors) … what say?


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