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23 Meter Boxes
23 Meter Boxes

… the amount of electricity used by these offices / shops. Was amazed to see 23 Meter boxes in a single complex and that’s not the end of it & this was just on one wing of the building.

The consumption of electricity has gone up way above the usual, irrespective of Earth Hours and save electricity campaigns, people have been consuming the limited resource without giving much attention to the dwindling resource.

Scene at Ramanathan Street, T Nagar.

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  1. In India, if you put any meter, they find a way to doctor it! I have had a first hand experience when an Engineer of local electricity board visited our office offering to cut our electricity cost by doctoring the electricity meter.

    I do not understand why EB cannot implement some kind of e-governance on this with electronic Electricity meters with hot linking to a central server just like they do for telephones. I do not think it is impossible to do it and can actually save crores of rupees for the exchequer.

  2. T.P.Anand

    Looks like you dont want the Electricity Minister to make money. In India more than half of the electricity produced is stolen and does not yield revenue to the Government..


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