Gentleman’s Game

A Game of Cricket
A Game of Cricket

…. a cricket match in the neighbourhood is in progress. The common game many kids play at the street corners across the Country is Cricket.

Mostly with some strange rules like “one pitch” catch, only off side runs, if the ball goes out of the street or compound its considered “out” and many such games which the situation commands (or the obstacle commands). Probably its considered “out” when it goes to one particular house only (who doesn’t return the ball if it falls in their compound).

This scene was taken at the School in Tirisulam Hills.

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  1. T.P.Anand

    The guy who brings the bat will be captain of one team. Team will be chosen only by the Captain and each day the composition of the team will change – rival captains will remain the same…. When it rains the game will shift indoors with different rules.

    I have played street cricket for a good 7 years and enjoyed it very much….

  2. In my childhood, schoolhood and collegehood we used to play cricket near the Parthasarathy Swamy Temple tank.

    With houses on one side and the temple tank on the otherside, automatically we all learned to play straight – which is what the coaches insist you to learn. But we needed to be innovative to strike straight.

    The problem was compounded by the height of the compound wall of the tank – just 4 ft. If we hit inside any of the houses or into the tank we will be given out. We can score runs straight of the wicket but all the fielders – sometimes even 7 or 8 will be stationed straight. So the highest scorer used to be the one who scored 6 or 7 runs.

    It is another matter that we all went “out” to play “in”side the tank when it became dry without water.


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