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A Pomeranian
A Pomeranian

… the habit of keeping pets at home is still nascent in this part of the country. Though a few households have dogs, cats and a few have parrots, sparrows or love birds, but the habit of an animal at home is still not the 1st habit among homes.

Seen here is the Pomeranian dog in a compound wall of an home at Saidapet.

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  1. Growing up in France, there always was a dog at home, even when we lived in an apartment in Paris. Now in this country I have had many cats, as they are easier to keep and nice company. My daughters having grown up with pets around them have 2 cats (the daughter in California) and 2 dogs (my daughter in Ohio). We would miss our cats a lot if they were not here, they add extra warmth to our lives.


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