4 Comments to “Commoner, Week 9”

  1. Maybe he’s like the grocery delivery guy who was on my blog yesterday. both are driving a yellow truck!

    Ram: Yes Leif, almost similar work. That was an amazing truck he drives, the guy in your post.

  2. T.P.Anand

    These small trucks cause lot of traffic problems and many of them get involved in accidents. They are overloaded and are driven in a very rash manner…

    Ram: Hmmm, most important is teaching them basic road etiquette and some meditation to control the Road rages, would go a long way.

  3. So you have let out how lazy a person you are.

    You go to one spot in your car. And start clicking things around you turning 360 degrees.

    We the billions of your fans have been thinking you struggle hard to get that interesting photo.



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