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Aadi Sale

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… normally when people consider this season as inauspicious month to buy stuff, the retailers have hit upon the novel idea years back to offer good discounts to lure the buyers inside their outlets to splurge.

They call this the Aadi sale, or the end of season (are there seasons in Chennai?) sale, annual sale or call it whatever they like. But, period, sale happens.

Come visit the shopping hubs of Chennai this season (!?) …. 🙂

3 Comments to “Aadi Sale”

  1. This is a classic example of something considered “inauspicious” becoming “sought after”. After another 50 years, it might well turn out to be the most auspicious period to do something new!

    The one place where the sale doesn’t happen is in property rentals. People do not take up new properties during Aadi and neither do the landlords offer any discount for Aadi. Probably because these days they have lifts in many apartment buildings – they don’t give தள்ளு-படி.

    Ram: I presume if the market continues to tank, the Aadi sale would happen by the landlords too for their property rentals.

  2. A.S

    Mapu ,., At least , i would considered the property rental becaz people won’t move ( Adi masam nalla masam illaiyam ) .. But Reebok ????? Winter is Going to end in Chennai ??

    Ram : Irrespective of the winter Mams, the sale season catches fire at Aadi nah! …. is there a season in Chennai called winter?


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