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Cosmetic corrections

Cosmetic corrections

… are currently the most sought after treatments. Everyone wants to look beautiful and handsome. No additional hair growths or Need hair growths in the head or lip corrections to nose corrections … there are a plenty one wants to do to look nice.

So the Doctors who have graduated (especially Foreign graduates, like this picture) in this type of medicine is bound to make a good living.

Seen at a Commercial Complex near Prince Plaza, Pantheon Road, Egmore.

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  1. These are required these days as many of our Indian woman folk have forgotten about the benefits of Turmeric (மஞ்சள் மகிமை மறந்து விட்டார்கள்).

    Though the picture shows only women, even gentlemen prefer this treatment for hair removal on their face to remove unwanted hair growth in the upper part of the cheeks! Some of Arab friends here have got that done.

    Have read that Bruce Lee had done a surgery for removing the glands below his armpits so he looks nice on photographs, sans the perspiration in that area.

    Ram : Oh … so much of trivia … 🙂


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