Tamil & its Prachara Sabha

Pulavar Mandram

…. when the language Tamil needed some push at schools with the students they probably would have formed this “Poets Club” aka “Pulavar Mandram”. They conduct various competency tests for the language Tamil at school level and award certificates. Need to check with schools if this is still in existence, as we’ve written exams in our school days (not giving you the idea how old i’am).

Like Hindi as at Hindi Prachar Sabha, Tamil should use such ones across the world to bring Tamil studies at schools under some aegis like Pulavar Mandram.

Their office at Vellala Street, Purasawalkam.

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  1. Do you know how popular is Tamil abroad? 🙂

    Everywhere I go, I find more & more Tamilians. Probably more than any other south Indians (except middle east where Keralites are in majority). I think they are doing their bit to popularize it.

    Ram : Ha haa .. its nice to note …. 😀

  2. Adding to what Nisha said in the Gulf Tamil Sangams have enthusiasts teaching Tamil for children of Tamil families who can only learn Hindi and other languages in the school.

    On my part I made my children learn reading Tamil teaching them the Tamil script. Thanks to the NHM software my second son now even chats with me in Tamil on google chat.

    And Yah! I also have the certificate of Tamil Test from Pulavar Mandram. 🙂

    Ram : Me too … pulavar mandram certificate …


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