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Walks, Flys, Crawls, Swims …

Hens & Ducks

… yes many in us prefers to eat delicacies made out of these birds, and many likes to cook them in their own styles and serve.

These are specific to sunday’s at bazaars / markets in many neighbourhoods you get to see the ducks and hens and goats and various other exotic animals ready for sale / cooking.

One such scene at Zam Bazaar, Triplicane.

One Comment to “Walks, Flys, Crawls, Swims …”

  1. Poor birds don’t know that their world is near the end! Sure that thought will not be delicious to them.

    However, few of them getting sold will put some money in the purse of that old lady – whose family may not be able to afford a meal punctuated with bird flesh.

    Ram: Hmmm …


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