Meal Coupon

Many companies provide with their employees the Meal Coupons as a part of their Salary package upto a certain amount which (is or was) is tax exempted. This is a blessing in disguise for employees who are single and prefer to eat out most of the times.

So these signs at eating places, restaurants are welcome, mostly.
One such sign at a fast food joint at 11th Main Road, Anna Nagar.

2 Comments to “Meal Coupon”

  1. I like that idea of meal coupons. Unless, or course, they cut the salary to compensate.

    Ram: Jacob, Its a perquisite along with one’s salary, so far, but it might change at the Income Tax laws soon, as indicated by Ronen below.

  2. Ronen

    I think in the coming Financial Year, these coupons are going to be taxable, which they are not at present. This would be bad news to many people who avail these to reduce tax liability….

    Ram: Thsu Thsu, bad news added with the change in perquisite laws on the fuel reimbursements too … 🙁


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