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Bogi Bonfire is an essential part of the festivity, Bogi is celebrated as a thanksgiving to Lord Indiran, the rain god. Bogi bonfire is made of the unwanted things which have been removed from the home for whitewashing and the same is burnt before the Pongal day, with the help of wooden scraps & dried cow dung.

But many in the city, without the background knowledge on the actual festivity burn rubber and other pollutants. This marks (or mars) the bogi day with heavy smoke and polluting the air.

Happy Pongal (Sankaranthi, Lohri) to all.

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  1. When I see bogi fire, I remember Superstar’s Dalapathi movie 🙂

    In my youth, on the bogi day we used to burn old things from home. Even back then, people used to burn cycle tyres. I think they are still not tired of burning tyres. It will be a tiresome exercise to talk to those people about pollution caused by burning tyres. 🙂

    Ram: Its Tiring to educate these tireless people 🙂


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