Tower Business

The business of Towers has come a long way in this cellphone loving country. First it was just the operators who started installing towers and used only for their purposes on connectivity. Then they started sharing their towers with rivals and making some rental income out of it. Now most of the operators have either spun of the tower business separately or joined hands with rivals to form a tower company and competing individual tower infrastructure firms. Like any other business there is also consolidations and buys/sales in this too, like the recent announcement.

These towers are a visible phenomenon in the Chennai’s skylines & roof-tops, like this installation.

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  1. Hi, I’ve just moved to Chennai…and some of the scenes depicted in your wonderful images seem familiar…which is a good thing, I suppose. You have a very nice blog!

    Ram : I guess familiarity here is welcome 🙂 … Thanks Rishi & welcome to Chennai. Saw your Blog & Flickr account, will go through and comment soon.


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